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The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on NetFlix Right Now
Looking for the top 10 TV SHows on NetFlix right now, Well, you're in the right place. Here's the top 10 as it currently stands today with their download link if available.
Netflix’s international juggernaut Money Heist is returning for one last and final season
Netflix’s international juggernaut Money Heist is returning for one last season. The upcoming fifth season will be its last, EW can exclusively reveal, and production will begin Monday in Denmark before filming in Spain and Portugal. A heist began to save Rio (Miguel Herrán), but it cost them beloved team member Nairobi (Alba Flores). The show will be entering uncharted territory when it returns, going beyond the heist to avenge her death.
The United States is 'looking at' banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps
Pompeo suggested the possible move during an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, adding that "we're taking this very seriously." Pompeo was asked by Ingraham whether the United States should be considering a ban on Chinese social media apps, "especially TikTok."
BET Awards 2020 (Virtual event)
The 20th BET Awards took place on June 28, 2020. The ceremony celebrates achievements in entertainment and honors music, sports, television, and movies. They also honored the many African-American people killed from racism. Below is a full list of nominees and winners.
One (6 Underground) Phones The Professor (La Casa De Papel) To Make A Deal
"One" played by Ryan Reynolds from 6 Underground had a phone call with "The Profesor" from Netflix blockbuster series Money Heist who was apparantely in the middle of a heist asking for a deal. I think i'm already releasing spoilers, so to cut the story short, full video below.... Don't forget to like and subscribe to TedManiaTv on Youtube @ TedManiaTv Youtube Link.
Money Heist Season 5 Official Trailer
After a long wait, NetFlix officially released money heist season 5 Trailer. The Trailer really changes the way we fans now see things because...... Let's avoid spoilers.
Full video Below.

Unboxing Realme X3 SuperZoom with Periscope Cameras
This phone Realme X3 is supposed to be launched on May 25, but the reviewer accidentally leaked all the specifications ahead of the launch with pictures of the phone. Though the post has been taken down, we’ve got the cached pages in Thai.
Ruby Rose Quits “Batwoman” After First Season
The Australian actress, Ruby Rose who managed to pull out a great audience for her US series ‘Batwoman’, shocked her fans with her decision to quit the DC Universe so early, while the makers of the series were looking forward to kickstart shooting for series season 2.
Schools To Reopen Soon - FG
The Federal Government said on Thursday that schools across the nation would soon reopen but that it would not be in two weeks as has been speculated in some quarters.
The Story Behind Drakes "Pain 1993" ft. Playboi Carti
The title of this song actually points to the slogan of one Ian Connor, a hip-hop oriented fashion designer, which reads “Born from Pain 1993”. But at the end of the day, we can say Drake adopting such a title is primarily because it sounds cool. For neither he nor Playboi Carti are actually harping on the concept of “pain” or anything depressing. Rather, simply put, their primary focus is on how much they’re chillin’ and their extravagant wealth.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla : New Teaser Trailer
You'll play as Eivor, a warrior and Viking clan leader. While not shown in the trailer, players will be able to choose which version of Eivor they want to play, male or female.....

- CoronaVirus : First Patients Injected in UK Vaccine trial
Two volunteers were injected, the first of more than 800 people recruited for the study. Half will receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and half a control vaccine which protects against meningitis but not coronavirus. The design of the trial means volunteers will not know which vaccine they are getting, though doctors will.