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On TedMania we make sure that the process of downloading is easy and hassle-free. On our website, you don’t need to waste time on registration or sign up. On the homepage, you will find all the latest movies in mkv or mp4 format.

All of the movies are available for free. Select the one you like, find the link below the description, and click on it. That’s it! The file will automatically save to the default folder. If you want to change it, please look into your browser settings.

TedMania offers video services that have a number of advantages over our competitors:

- High speed

You can save any movie or series you will find on our website on any device you want within seconds.

- No broken links

Platforms that offer free usually have a lot of broken links, which frustrates the users. We make sure every link on our website works.

- Easy to navigate

TedMania content is divided into categories to make it easier for you to find what you need.

- Wide variety

We include all kinds of genres of movies from horror to comedy. Same applies to series as new genres of new movies are released daily

- Free experience

The ultimate benefit of our platform is that it is FREE for everyone. No membership, no ads, and no registration!

- Extra Extra

Apart from movies and series, TedMania provides our users access to latest movies and Tv series Updates, reccomendations amd movies suggestions.

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